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Makarov.jpg 9mm MAKAROV 93-Gr. FMJ AMMO 250-Rnds. by PRVI PARTIZAN
$123.99 $94.99 On Sale!

9mm Makarov Ammunition by PRVI Partizan. Packed in five 50-round boxes, it contains a 93-grain full metal jacketed projectile. Reloadable Boxer-primed brass casing, non-corrosive. Muzzle velocity 1049 fps, muzzle energy 224 ft. lbs.

9mm Makarov Hollow Point Ammo 250-Rnds.
$139.00 $99.99 On Sale!
Five 50-round boxes of PRVI Partizan 9mm Makarov hollow point ammunition. Boxer primer, brass casing, reloadable.
7,62TOKAREVppu.jpg 7.62 TOKAREV 85-GR. FMJ 250-RNDS By PRVI
$122.99 $87.99 On Sale!

7.62 Tokarev 85-grain full metal jacketed ammo by PRVI Partizan. New, reloadable brass casing, non-corrosive Boxer-primed. Best Quality! Muzzle Velocity: 1722 fps., Muzzle Energy: 560 ft. lbs. Five 50-round boxes. Lowest price on Net!


7.62 Tokarev 85-Gr. JHP 250-Rounds
$120.00 $89.99 On Sale!
Five 50-round boxes (total 250-rounds) PRVI Partizan 7.62 Tokarev 85-grain Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition. Brass casing, Boxer-primed, reloadable, non-corrosive.
$35.00 $25.00 On Sale!

Add a one-year NRA membership to your order. Special offer $10 off!!- we strongly believe in NRA membership and are offering you $10 off the price of a 1-year membership. Join now and we will send the paperwork in to the NRA for you! There is no better gift this holiday season then the gift of NRA membership - the gift of freedom! Buying NRA memberships for your children will instill in them traditional American values as they grow. We believe so strongly in NRA membership that we are absorbing $10 of the cost and will even fill out the membership application for you. Make an investment in our common future -         JOIN THE NRA!

$599.99 $299.99 On Sale!

SUPER SPECIAL - Case pack of 500- rounds of FN SS195LF Lead-Free Hollow Point Ammunition packed in ten 50-round boxes.  Called the "duty round" this is the cartridge most recommended by FN for self-defense. An excellent training round as it is lead-free and will not cause airborne lead pollution in indoor shooting ranges. Features a 27-grain projectile with metallic core. You won't find a lower price anywhere! - Order Now! Order Quick! This is the round FN Five-seveN pistols are sighted in with at the factory and is your best choice for self-defense use. Velocity 2150 fps.  

$899.00 $580.00 On Sale!

Half-case (1,000-Rounds) of FN SS195LF 27-Grain Hollow Point Lead-Free 5.7x28mm ammo packed in twenty 50-round boxes. Best Deal Around!  - Don't Miss Out! 

Wolf 45.jpg Wolf .45 ACP Ammo 250-Rnds.
$99.00 $89.99 On Sale!

Five 50-round boxes, total 250-rounds, of Wolf .45 Auto full metal jacketed ammunition.Copy of driver's license required with order. FAX enlarged copy to 802-479-3308 or send scanned copy to FirearmsB@aol.com NO ID - NO SHIP  

PD45GRD.jpg .45 auto 200-Rounds Home Defense Ammo
$296.99 $234.99 On Sale!
Full case (200-rounds) of Federal premium Home Defense Guard Dog .45 ACP ammo optimized for low penetration of walls within a home. Packed in ten 20-round boxes.
AE45A 2.jpg Federal .45 Auto ammo 1000-Rnds
$499.00 $425.00 On Sale!
Full case of 1000-rounds of Federal .45 ACP 230-grain full metal jacketed ammo. Best on the market. Twenty 50-round boxes.
AE45A 2.jpg Federal .45 AUTO Ammo 250-Rnds.
$167.00 $130.00 On Sale!
Federal American Eagle .45 ACP 230-grain full metal jacketed ammunition. Packed in five 50-round boxes for total of 250-rounds. Non-corrosive and reloadable with Boxer primed brass casing.
PD45GRD.jpg .45 Auto 100-rounds Home Defense Ammo
$150.00 $125.00 On Sale!
Five 20-round boxes (total 100-rounds) of Federal Guard Dog Home Defense Ammo. Cal.ber .45 AUTO (ACP).
7_62Nagant.jpg 7.62 Nagant 250-rounds Ammo
$149.00 $119.99 On Sale!
For your Russian M95 Nagant revolver, brand new PRVI Partizan 98-grain full metal jacketed7.62x38R ammunition packed in five 50-round boxes. Total 250-rounds.
Wolf 45.jpg Wolf .45 ACP Ammo 500-Rnds.
$229.99 $179.99 On Sale!
Full case of 500-rounds (ten 50-round boxes) of Wolf bi-metal .45 ACP 230-grain full metal jacket ammo.
schumer_charles_030812.jpg Democrats confident more gun control will pass

Will grab people's guns.

PPU 9mm 115-gr.jpg PPU 9mm 115-Gr. FMJ 250-Rnds.
$89.00 $69.99 On Sale!
PRVI Partizan 9mm 115-Grain Full Metal Jacketed ammo in a quantity of 250-Rounds (five 50-round boxes). These loads feature Full Metal Jacket bullets that are general-purpose bullets suitable for auto loading pistols. They provide excellent cartridge feeding into the chamber with good penetration and no expansion. Highly accurate and affordable these bullets are preferred for target shooting. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases. •Muzzle Velocity: 1148 fps •Muzzle Energy: 335 ft. lbs
AE38B.jpg Federal .38 Special 158-Gr. RN Ammo 50-Rnds.
$26.99 $19.99 On Sale!
Lowest price on the internet on Federal American Eagle .38 Special ammunition with 158-grain lead round nose bullet. Packed 50-rounds per box. Muzzle velocity 770-FPS.
AE38B.jpg Fed. .38 Spl. 130-Gr. FMJ Ammo
$19.99 $18.99 On Sale!
Super discount on 50-round box of Federal .38 Special 130-Grain Full Metal Jacket ammunition. Muzzle velocity 890-FPS. Top quality.
AE45A 2.jpg Fed. .45 Auto 100-Rnds Ammo
$49.99 $41.99 On Sale!
Supoer price on Federal .45 ACP 230-grain full metal jacketed ammo in a 100-round value pack! Muzzle velocity 890 FPS. Packed 100-rounds per carton.
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