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PS90 Magazine Pouch.jpg FN PS90 / P90 MAGAZINE POUCH
$234.00 $160.00 On Sale!

The Genuine FN PS90/P90 Double Magazine pouch is designed to carry two 50-round magazines. It features custom designed magazine cups to secure and seal your magazine from the elements. The leg and waist straps allow for a comfortable secure fit with easy access and quick deployment. Cinch rivets allow you to comform the pouch shape to your leg making this an easily workable, unobtrusive magazine pouch for the tactical shooter. NOW ON CLOSE-OUT SALE!


cleaningkit.jpg Otis 5.7x28mm Caliber Cleaning Kit
$99.95 $79.99 On Sale!

The only cleaning kit on the market specifically made for 5.7x28mm firearms. While some have recommended the use of a .22-caliber cleaning kit, the result is usually broken brushes leaving bristles stuck in the bore. Using a properly-sized cleaning kit will preserve the value and functionality of your firearm. Contains all the implements to properly clean your 5.7x28mm chambered firearm. Includes comprehensive instruction booklet and mini CD-ROM with video cleaning instructions. Has all the tools to  clean the most critical parts of your firearm. Includes Memory-Flex cleaning rods, solid brass slotted tips,  cotton cleaning patches, bore brush, and cleaner, lubricant, and preservative to clean the receiver, chamber and bore. The brass obstruction removers are used to knock out bore obstructions and stuck cases. The 5.7x28 chamber brush ensures each round chambers and extracts properly. The brass scraper tool set is used to thoroughly clean the bolt, bolt carrier, locking lugs, and upper/lower receivers. Ensure flawless firearms performance by making a small investment in a proper cleaning kit.  OUT OF STOCK, BACK-ORDERS ONLY!

$109.00 $89.99 On Sale!

Genuine FN-brand PS90/P90 Tactical Sling. Rugged nylon construction with barrel attachment. Allows you to carry your carbine more comfortably and safely while helping steady your aim when firing. A worthwhile accessory.Out of stock - back-orders accepted.

$79.00 $39.99 On Sale!

Getting on target fast and staying on target is critical to winning, whether in competition or on the street. This genuine FN PS90/P90 sight adjustment tool will allow you to keep your carbine sighted-in!


$35.00 $25.00 On Sale!

Add a one-year NRA membership to your order. Special offer $10 off!!- we strongly believe in NRA membership and are offering you $10 off the price of a 1-year membership. Join now and we will send the paperwork in to the NRA for you! There is no better gift this holiday season then the gift of NRA membership - the gift of freedom! Buying NRA memberships for your children will instill in them traditional American values as they grow. We believe so strongly in NRA membership that we are absorbing $10 of the cost and will even fill out the membership application for you. Make an investment in our common future -         JOIN THE NRA!

$14.99 $9.99 On Sale!
Silicone cloth puts a deep (like new luster) on all metal surfaces to repel dirt, and displace moisture. Constructed of heavy-weight flannel triple-treated and fully impregnated. Size 14in. x 15in. Cleans, polishes and protects all metal and wood surfaces. Use on guns, gun sights, fishing tackle, reels, tools, scopes, and automobile accessories. Cleans: Triple treated to absorb and hold dirt and residues, etc. Polishes: Produces a deep and like new luster on all metal surfaces and on gun stock. Protects: Spreads invisible shield over all metal surfaces that repels dirt and prevents marks and displaces moisture. Triple treated with a new exclusive blend of silicone with corrosion inhibitors. It will protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion at extreme temperatures. Directions for use: Clean surface with a high quality degreaser. Rub Gun & Reel Cloth over surface until luster appears. You have then imparted a thin impervious film that will not evaporate or dry out for extreme long periods of time. Re-wipe surface after handling your gun or reel. Gun & Reel Cloth may be used over and over again until chemical wears out.
Gun-Treatment-large 2.gif Gun Treatment Spray
$29.99 $14.99 On Sale!
A true three-in-one product - Cleans, Lubricates & Preserves! This is the single and best gun care maintenance product ever designed to solve a gun owner's cleaning, lubricating and corrosion protection chores. A unique formulation of active lubricants will not freeze, oxidize or evaporate. Designed with a pleasant oder, this gun treatment is assured perfect firing from 50 F below zero to 350 F. Large 12 oz. spray can container. Directions: If necessary, clean firearm first using Bore Solvent. Spray evenly over area to be treated. Allow to set for 60 seconds. Wipe with clean cloth. Apply to all metal surfaces. Wipe after application. When treating gun for first time or for long term storage protection, spray three times, wiping dry after first and second application. Note: After treating gun allow solvent contained in the oil to evaporate for 10 minutes before placing gun in a container such as a gun case, sealed carton, etc. The best product of its kind on the market. NOW ON SALE! Safe for use on polymers.
Brush 22.jpg FN 5.7x28mm Nylon Cleaning Brush
$14.99 $5.99 On Sale!

NOW AVAILABLE! Exclusively from FiveseveNAmmo.com the 5.7x28mm pistol cleaning brush. Featuring a sturdy metal wire looped handle with Soft, nylon cleaning bristles which will not scratch the precious bore of your 5.7x28mm chambered handgun. Ideal for cleaning your gun in the field, at the range, or at home, it is imported exclusively by us. Properly-sized to fit 5.7x28mm. Order several!   ON FINAL CLOSE-OUT SALE!

Wolf 46 SKS Case.jpg WOLF Rifle Case 46-Inches Long
$49.99 $19.99 On Sale!

Wolf 46-inch long gun case offers maximum durability with its premium PVC construction. Made for Yugoslavian SKS and similarly-sized long guns. Get maximum protection for your cherished firearm with its over 1-inch of Polyethylene Foam on the inside to cradle your gun. Other features include a durable shoulder strap, two large D-rings, a heavy duty zipper and the case is fully lockable for extra security. Storage pocket on side of case completes the package.FINAL SUPER CLOSE-OUT SALE!

Tactical Sling FDE.jpg FNH USA Tactical Sling FDE
$59.99 $25.00 On Sale!

FNH USA SCAR TACTICAL SLING in Flat Dark Earth finish. Product features Tan nylon webbing, Black metal ladder lock adjustments, Elastic protected quick-attach metal snap slips. Fits all SCAR models. Made in the USA.FINAL CLOSE-OUT SALE!

LOWEST PRICE on Internet!

FN EZ Sling.jpg FNH EZ Shotgun Sling
$89.99 $49.99 On Sale!

FNH USA EZ Shotgun Sling, 2-point black, without reducer. Features easy-to-use solid construction. Made in the USA. Fits FN SLP shotgun and FN SLP Mark I shotgun.

Colt 9mm c-Mag.jpg AR- Carbine 9mm 100-Round Magazine
$599.00 $279.99 On Sale!

Colt pattern AR- rifle/carbine 9mm 100-Round Magazine. Now accepting orders for this unique and high quality 100-round double drum magazine for  9mm AR- pasttern firearms. Includes double drum magazine with clear window to allow seeing remaining rounds, Personal Loader, Black Pouch, Technical Manual & tube of Graphite. This is unquestionably a piece of high quality workmanship!  AVAILABLE NOW!!- The advanced design of this product  makes it the world's first magazine capable of providing a full 100-round capacity and can be pre-loaded and stored indefinitely. Military tested and approved. The 100-round capacity of this product drastically reduces vulnerability during magazine changes, while dramatically increasing survivability. Law enforcement and security operations find that this magazine's high capacity and pre-loaded storage capabilities reduce loss of life and property damage. They also provide tactical sustainment and in turn, area containment. This is simply the best such magazine money can buy and combined with a quality firearm and good quality ammunition, your best bet in a life-threatening situation. Built to the highest international military production standards and meets or exceeds all NATO MIL-SPEC tests.LOWEST PRICE ON INTERNET!



Glock BETA.jpg Glock Pistol 9mm 100-Rnd. Magazine
$499.00 $329.99 On Sale!

The Ultimate magazine for 9mm Glock pistols! 100-round double drum magazine with clear covers to allow you to see how many rounds remain. Includes Personal Loader, Pouch, Technical Manual and lubricating tube of graphite. Do not confuse with the cheap Asian imports of questional construction and reliability. This is the highest quality product money can buy.  Cannot be sent to areas with magazine capacity restrictions. The advanced design of this product makes it the world's first magazine capable of providing a full 100-round capacity and can be pre-loaded and stored indefinitely. Military tested and approved. The capacity of this product drastically reduces vulnerability during magazine changes, while dramatically increasing survivability. Law enforcement and security operations find that this magazine's high capacity and pre-loaded storage capabilities reduce loss of life and property damage. It also provides tactical sustainment and in turn, area containment. This is simply the best such magazine money can buy and combined with a quality firearm and ammunition, your best bet in a life-threatening situation. Built to the highest international military production standards and meets or exceeds all NATO MIL-SPEC tests.LOWEST PRICE ON INTERNET

India.jpg Top-Line .22LR AR- Cal Conversion Unit
$399.99 $299.99 On Sale!

Top-of-the-;Line .22 Caliber conversion unit for AR-style rifles. Features Stainless Steel Bolt Group, 25rd Evolution Mag, Brass Locking Lug, Bolt Hold Open and Actuator, Mag Loader, Charging Handle, Forward Assist Adapter, & Cleaning Jag/Guide Rod. Also includes locking lugs in the chamber area to eliminate play and ensure rock-solid mounting. All of the .22 Conversion Kit Upgrades are included with this Top-of-the-Line Model. CANNOT BE SENT TO AREAS WITH MAGAZINE CAPACITY RESTRICTIONS. Reserve Now!!

ar mag.jpg AR-15 30-Rnd. Steel Magazine
$49.99 $19.99 On Sale!
30-rd Magazine for AR-15 rifles chambered in .223cal/5.56x45mm. Magazine body constructed of heat treated steel with a black oxide finish for durability and harsh use in the field. A Chrome-silicon wire spring and precision molded polymer follower ensure reliable feeding and function.
SCAR 16S Black Mag II.jpg FN SCAR 17S 20-Round Magazine
$99.99 $41.99 On Sale!
FN SCAR 17S Magazine, 20-round, black finish, caliber .308. Genuine FN product. NOW IN STOCK!
AR Drum.jpg AR-15 M16 100-Rnd. Drum Mag.
$199.99 $139.99 On Sale!

REPEAT OF A SELL-OUT!!! 100-round double drum magazine for the AR-15 and M16 pattern firearms. Holds a full complement of 100-rounds of .223/5.56 ammunition. Comes with pouch, magazine loader and graphite lubricant. Made in Korea. Cannot be sent to areas with magazine capacity restrictions.CLOSE-OUT SALE!

$5.99 $3.99 On Sale!

Chamber Safety Flag. Insert in chamber of unloaded gun to prevent firing and to show firearm is in safe condition. Made of very durable plastic. Required by many ranges. Used by top firearms manufacturers to ensure safety. Fits all firearm calibers from .22 caliber on up.

BoreReflector2.jpg BORE REFLECTOR
$4.99 $2.99 On Sale!

Bore Reflector by Otis. A useful item to have in your pocket when inspecting used firearms for sale at gun shows. Uses available light to allow you to see into the barrel when inserted into the firearm's chamber. Order several. Needs no batteries.

maritimear15mag.jpg 30-Round AR-15/M16 Magazines STAINLESS STEEL
$90.00 $24.99 On Sale!

Factory New - KCI Mfg. (Korea) AR15 30 Round Maritime Magazines - Cal. 5.56 x 45mm, 100% identical to the HK416 / SA80, currently used in the K2 Rifle which is the same as the M16/M4 Carbine manufactured in Korea, Stainless Steel, Anti-tilt, Anti-Corrosion, the finest AR15 Magazine produced today, once you look at them, you will know, truly identical to HK. None better on the market. Limited quantity.  Order Quick!! LIMITED STOCK!

NEW_30_CAL_AMMO_CAN_1.jpg New .30 Cal. Ammo Cans carton of 16-units
$275.00 $239.97 On Sale!
NEW .30 caliber ammo cans in a carton of sixteen cans. BRAND NEW, each can provides a whopping 10 x 3.25 x 6.5 inches of airtight, watertight storage space for storing ammunition + tools + valuables.
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